Anonymous said: you should really keep at this. Its brightens my day. The only reason you're getting negative feedback, is because it's true and they're embarrassed.

Ahhhh thank you <3


Anonymous said: I like how this page was meant to be "for fun" but it turned into everyone talking shit on kelsie.. i dont even know the girl but damn. hop off !

Tell me again how I should “hop off” when other people are the ones that are doing the shit talking?


Anonymous said: lmfaooo soo kelsie is single but is she still preggo or what..?

Hahahah I’m pretty sure she’s a liar because she “felt the baby kicking” after one day. Uh no.


Anonymous said: Yo did you see Kelsie Olmedo is single now? Please do something about that

Hahahahahahaha I knew it wouldn’t last long.


Anonymous said: hi nicole garan;)



I’m not taking anymore submissions. I’m pretty much done with this Tumblr now. Sorry guys, we had a good run, but bitches be trippen. However, if I see anything stupid on facebook I’ll probably put it on here. So don’t be too sad!


Anonymous said: I keep asking you to post somethin about Bri Hile and your not doing it. Im getting impashient.

Aaaaaah sorry I will.


Anonymous said: i agree with the person below!! kelsie is retarded af!!! WTF! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! DON'T HAVE A BABY KELSIE! there's enough stupid people in the world like you we don't need you to raise another one ! Seriously wtf is wrong with u? and you call yourself a model? first youre too short to be a model bitch and second youlll never be a model if you have babies! people like u shouldn't have kids so just ... don't ....



Anonymous said: WHAT THE FUCK kelsie olmedo is 17, SEVENTEEN, and she is enganged!? AND SHE WANTS TO GET PREGNANT!?!?!?!?! what the fuck is this little girl thinking!? biggest mistake of alllllllllllllll tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeee! someone needs to straighten that fucking girl out. its stupid and fucking downright shame.

Amen. I honestly think she needs help. I don’t understand how someone could be so…unintelligent. It’s sad.



This was Phaidra, “I cannot believe what was just said down VVV there.”


This was everybody else, “Awww shit’s bout to get real!”